Back Pain

Are you experiencing back pain as a result of a sudden or chronic injury?

“My back is killing me!” We’ve all been there. You just bent over to pick up the dog bowl and BAM, you’re laid up for a week with horrible back pain. Or maybe you didn’t hurt yourself picking anything up, but your back is still nagging you after 10 minutes of sitting at the kitchen table drinking your morning cup of coffee.

Here is what’s happening:

You’re lower (lumbar) spine is where your lower body attaches to your upper body just above your belt line. There are some really large joints, muscles, and discs in this area that help make this area very stable. As we sit, stand, bend, and twist throughout the day, these muscles, joints, and discs are constantly in action. Therefore, your lumbar spine takes a lot of abuse throughout the day, no matter what you’re doing, and that’s why most people have suffered from back pain at one time or another.

So why is that a problem?

Similarly to plaque forming on your teeth, adhesion develops in your muscles that surround your lower back from this repetitive use. This resulting adhesion alters the way in which our backs work, limiting our flexibility and making our backs weaker. The abuse your muscles, discs, and joints take from this lack of flexibility and resulting weakness increases the rate at which our discs and joints in our back wear out.  Adhesion directly increases the wear and tear on your spine.

So how do we fix it?

At Zelasko Soft Tissue & Spine in Orchard Park, we find out what specifically is causing your back pain by following a unique identification process. Only then can we diagnose and develop a treatment plan to fix your specific problem. Once you’re back feeling good and living pain free, keep your back healthy with routine checkups. Just like when you visit your Dentist to get a cleaning, you should visit your Orchard Park Chiropractor to help keep this scar tissue in check. If you do this, you and your back will be A LOT happier in the long run, guaranteed!

Orchard Park Chiropractor Dr. Zelasko can help you with your back pain. Call us right now at 716-677-5525.

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