Scars (Surgical/Traumatic)

Surgical scars and traumatic scars like the ones you get when you need stitches aren’t made of the scar tissue we talk about breaking down. This type of scarring is much more thick and dense. These types of scars can be manually worked on to help make them a bit more pliable, but they can’t be broken down to what the original skin once felt like.

The scar tissue, and more specifically the fibrous adhesion, that we work on reducing is very small and less dense than the scarring referred to above. The traumatic or surgical scars are made up of millions of tiny fibrous adhesions all woven together to repair damaged skin and muscle.

See a great video explanation below on the fibrous adhesion type of scar tissue (the type that can be broken down), and how it affects muscle tissue. Book an appointment with the Orchard Park Chiropractors at Zelasko Soft Tissue and Spine today to learn your best option for treating your scars.

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