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Video: Learn More About Hip Problems In Single Sport Athletes

Video: Learn More About Hip Problems in Single Sport Athletes

In 2006 Dr. William Brady founded Integrative Diagnosis, a system that helps to serve patients by:

  • Identifying tissue specific diagnosis
  • Prioritize relevant pathology and dysfunction using accurate motion assessments and screening procedures
  • Treat the top relevant pathology with a carefully selected targeted treatment
  • Use a Test-Treat-Retest method to track treatment progress from initial visit to discharge

In this video Dr. Brady explains how high-level male athletes are 190% to 800% more likely to develop cam deformity, which is too much bone around the hip which causes:

  • Limited range of motion
  • Cartilage damage
  • Early and severe degeneration of the hip joint

As a young athlete you need to be careful how much load you put on your hip especially with specialized, single sport activities. Watch the video below to learn how to avoid hip problems when you get older.

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