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Most Common Chiropractic Conditions Treated By Dr. Zelasko

Most Common Chiropractic Conditions Treated by Dr. Zelasko

Dr. Zelasko was quoted in the Chiropractic Economics article, “Frequently-used insurance codes to save you time,” by Kaitlin Morrison.

Morrison asked him what his most common codes are which is interesting for other practices to compare notes but it also reveals what other patients like you need the most help with and what you can expect from your patient journey.

Dr. Zelasko’s most common insurance codes and conditions treated are:

  • Initial Exam: 99203
  • CMT 1-2 Regions: 98940
  • Manual Therapy: 97140
  • Therapeutic Exercise: 97110
  • Reevaluation: 99211

Click here to read the full article if you’re interested in how the insurance process works when you go in for chiropractic treatment.

For example, “We have had reports that insurance companies are denying our patients the code 97110 [Therapeutic Exercise] because it’s supposedly only for Physical Therapy,” says Zelasko.

Morrison explains further that “Zelasko believes these issues began after Affordable Care Act (ACA) changes were implemented. The use of this code, he says, is not limited to physical therapy but is treated differently by some companies.”

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