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Why You Still Have Knee Pain And Why You Need A Functional Exam

Why You Still Have Knee Pain and Why You Need a Functional Exam

Whether you’re experiencing knee pain suddenly or as the result of a chronic, nagging injury, you still may not know why exactly it’s happening.

There are many reasons your knee may have started acting up including:

  • Hip dysfunction
  • Problems around the ankle
  • Foot issues

However, we first we need to look at the knee joint itself.

“I love getting knee cases because most other providers do a crap job with knee pain,” says Dr. Andrew Wengert at Veracity Chiropractic. “Their examination is limited to just the knee and they miss the actual cause of the problem.”

When the knee gets overused our bodies will develop scar tissue around the joint and surrounding structures that take the most abuse.

Frequently it’s the capsule and meniscus (cartilage) that are involved.

As the knee bends, the meniscus should slide around in a certain way but when scar tissue adheres to the meniscus to the surrounding capsule, the result is an abundance of compression throughout the meniscus.

Without proper care, you’re beating up that healthy cartilage and shortening the life span of your knee.

As Dr. Wengert can attest to,  “A good knee examination should consist of range of motion testing, strength testing, and functional movement testing.”

“I need to know if the knee, ankle, and hip have enough movement for a healthy knee,” explains Dr. Wengert. “I also need to know if the muscles that surround those joints are strong enough to create the necessary stability,” such as being able to “maintain that stability during functional movements like a lunge and a squat,” said Dr. Wengert.

Schedule your appointment today with Orchard Park Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Zelasko to locate the source of your knee pain and get you back to experiencing your favorite activities, pain-free.

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