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Your Muscles Hate You When You Try to Fix Your Own Injury

Pain happens when you have an injury.

So, why would you inflict more pain on yourself in an attempt to fix the injury?

My colleague Dr. Matt Maggio at Peak Performance explains in his post, The Bob Via Effect – Trying To Fix Your Own Injury, that while there will always be DIY enthusiasts for any situation, “that usually ends up being more disastrous in the long run.”

When it comes to complex problems with our cars, plumbing, or electrical “we make the conscious decision to take our problems to those experts to get fixed,” says Maggio.

“The human body on the other hand might be the most complex structure in the entire world.”

Now people are trying to fix their own injuries. Dr. Maggio knows that you may have tried:

  • Smashing things with a lacrosse ball
  • Wrapping things in colorful and useless tape
  • Stretching the ever-living hell out of muscle to get that range of motion back

We have pain receptors for a reason. Read on to learn why you shouldn’t use a cheap solution to fix your body.

And if your curious why kinesiology tape may or may not help, read Dr. Maggio’s article, Kinesiology Tape: Friend Or Dangerous Foe?

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