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What Are Adhesions?

What are Adhesions?

Adhesions – the most popular musculoskeletal pathology in existence.

Adhesion is probably something you haven’t heard of before, but fixing it may give you the relief you need!

What are adhesions?

Adhesions are small pieces of scar tissue that accumulate over time in an area of soft tissue that has less oxygen.  

This state of less oxygen in the tissue is referred to as a state of Hypoxia.  With a lesser amount oxygen the body naturally starts to lay down these tiny collagen fibers which later make up adhesions.

What do adhesions do?

Adhesions ultimately restrict the range of motion of a joint or multiple joints.  What do you end up feeling?  TIGHT!  Yes, that feeling of becoming more and more stiff as you age is mostly related to adhesion and the resulting consequences of such.

When a joint’s range of motion becomes restricted or “tight” your body naturally compensates by working harder to move through that particular motion.  What happens next is the bad stuff.

You see, when you push through a tight range of motion in order to accomplish a task or activity, parts of your body take a beating.  

Since muscles and soft tissue cross joints in order to help them move and keep them stable, the joints are what end up suffering the most.  

Try this test:

Try this:  with your feet hip width apart, keeping your knees locked out, try to bend over and touch your toes.  When you reach as far as you can, try to push yourself a little farther.  

This resulting extra bit of motion is actually your body compressing your lumbar spine (lower back) in order to accomplish a task.  

Do this enough times and those disc and bones in your lumbar spine will start to become damaged and deteriorate, causing you back pain.

So what do we do?  Stop moving?  No, its not that simple.

Movements such as touching your toes aren’t the only time you put your joints in a vulnerable position.  

With this particular example you most likely have accumulated adhesion in your lower back muscles restricting your range of motion.  

Unfortunately, anytime you sit and slouch a bit the same thing is happening to your lumbar spine as when you bend over and force a little more range out of the toe touch.  

This is how adhesion causes damage to joints over time.  

The good news!  We can break these adhesions down and help you regain your motion again.  

Just like how you get your teeth cleaned every 6 months (or should) by your dentist, you should take a proactive approach to cleaning up adhesion accumulation on a yearly basis.  

The more active you are, the more proactive in reducing these adhesions you should be.

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