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So you slipped on the ice and did your best impression of that olympic gymnast or professional hockey goalie.  Only, you have nowhere near the flexibility they have and you felt a tearing sensation through your groin.  Ouch!  Yes, you just tore some muscles fibers.  Hopefully you didn’t damage any tendons or you are in for a long recovery.  

Assessing the groin pull injury

First, do you see any bruising within the few days after the injury?  Black and blue in the groin area of running down the inside of the thigh means you really did a number.  

The only way you getting bruising is if you actually tore a muscle to some extent.  This is going to be a 4 to 6 week type of recovery.  After about 4 weeks you should seek the help of a Soft Tissue minded Orchard Park Chiropractor to help you get a full recovery and make sure you don’t sustain any other injuries due to how this muscle healed.

No bruising?  Then you only experienced a slight strain of the musculature in your groin region.  This type of injury shouldn’t take longer than 7 to 14 days to heal.  If you plan to be active in the future I would strongly recommend seeking a professional’s help in making sure you have your full range of motion and get your strength back.  

Soft Tissue minded Chiropractors trained in advanced manual therapy techniques are your best option.  Your primary care doctor will most likely have no idea what can be done for you at this point, so I wouldn’t even waste my money on a copay to seek their opinion.  

Why not to visit your primary care doctor

The sad truth is that primary doctors are too busy dealing with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, and so forth that if you show up with a musculoskeletal complaint you are more than likely going to get an eye roll and the simple advice of “Take some advil and see how you feel in a week or two”.  

I can’t blame them, they aren’t trained to assess or treat musculoskeletal conditions.  The really good primary doctors will be grounded enough to refer you to someone they trust to do just that, assess and treat your injury in its entirety.  This type of advice only comes from top notch primary doctors, and you can be assured you have a great doctor if they give you this advice.

If you’ve suffered from a groin pull, trust Zelasko Soft Tissue and Spine to correctly assess and treat your injury by scheduling an appointment at (716) 677-5525.

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