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Recent Training: Intense Workshop In Integrative Diagnosis

Recent Training: Intense Workshop in Integrative Diagnosis

A few weeks ago I traveled to Boston, MA for an intense three day training in Integrative Diagnosis treatment. Our small group of chiropractic specialists trained hands-on with Dr. William Brady, the founder of Integrative Diagnosis. This was another step in ensuring the quality of treatment I provide to my patients is cutting-edge, and that I’m utilizing the absolute best chiropractic technique available at any given time. It was the seventh such training I’ve traveled to so far this year!

During this particular training we concentrated on the cervical spine, where we really buckled down in making improvements to upper cervical flexion and cervical rotation. The techniques I’ll now use in these regions is significantly enhanced due to this training, which provided me with an improved ability to palpate and feel the difference between healthy and unhealthy tissue, a refined focus while administering treatment, and further development of my ability to predict whether a treatment will provide sustainable relief for patients.

I’ve now been treating patients for over eleven years, and I’ve been specializing in soft tissue injuries since 2005. Many people ask, “Why do you continue to take so many courses and trainings every year? Haven’t you already learned everything?” The answer to this question is no, because the best techniques are constantly evolving. I can always improve, and I believe my patients and our community deserves the best.

My goal has always been to provide the absolute highest treatment quality available to our patients. So, I strive to diagnose perfectly from the start, and I utilize enhanced techniques to ensure my patients recover in as few treatment sessions as possible. 

If you’ve suffered from a soft-tissue injury and are looking for treatment that provides long-lasting results, set up a free initial consultation with us here or by giving us a ring. You’ll be glad you did!

Dr. Brian A. Zelasko
Soft Tissue Specialist
Integrative Diagnosis Provider
Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified in Advanced Chiropractic Care

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