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Three Keys To Stay Healthy After Treatment

Three Keys to Stay Healthy After Treatment

We fixed your injury, now let’s keep it that way!

You took the necessary steps and asked for our help.  You made the commitment and followed through with all your treatment.  You are feeling great and enjoying all your favorite activities.  Now you’re wondering:  “Is it ever gonna come back?  How do we keep feeling THIS GOOD??

Awesome Question!  Let’s talk about the 3 most important factors in keeping you feeling PAIN FREE.

Do your Rehab Exercises

Yes, we understand the last thing you want to do a few times per week or even every day is some random exercise you got from your doctor when you were in pain.  BUT, this specific exercise was prescribed for a very important reason.  It was given to you to correct a weakness in your body.  You’re stronger now because you have been doing the exercise and when you stay strong you feel better.  So keep doing your prescribed exercises because remember;  the only worse than doing your exercises is NOT doing your exercises.

Watch your Posture like a Hawk

Sit , Slide , Lean ….. Remember it, Do it, and Do it again.  Every time you sit down, follow those simple steps.  This will ensure that you are sitting in a correct posture that puts the least amount of load on your joints and cartilage saving you excess wear and tear over time.  If you forget, don’t worry!  Your back or neck will start to ache and remind you to make a change and correct your posture.  

Longevity Treatment Plan

If you’ve been in our office, you know we test and measure EVERYTHING.  This isn’t just because we are super nit picky and love details (we do), but because they actually matter!  Our tests determine whether you need treatment or not, which is exactly why we use them.  Just like when your regular doctor takes your blood pressure to check for hypertension.  If your test is high, you need to take the proper measures to lower it.  In order to keep your test normal you need to continue doing what you did to lower it.  So, if one or more of your tests did not get to 100% you need continued care in order to keep it as improved as possible.  This may be once per month, this may be once every 6 months.  

While the above keys give you the best chance to stay pain free, nobody is perfect and sh*t happens.  Our system of evaluation and treatment will help you solve any problem in a matter of weeks, helping you move pain-free into your 80’s and 90’s.  Don’t ignore your body, give us a call today. 716-677-5525. 

Dr. Brian A. Zelasko
Soft Tissue Specialist
Integrative Diagnosis Provider
Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified in Advanced Chiropractic Care

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